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The George Crabtree Institute for Discovery and Sustainability is a collaboration between University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The collaboration is dedicated to fostering a dynamic relationship that harnesses the combined strengths of the two institutions, driven by a mission to advance knowledge, propel innovation, build a diverse scientific workforce and create sustainable solutions to address pressing scientific challenges facing our society, economy and environment. The Institute is guided by a commitment to excellence in research, education and community engagement with the following four core objectives:
  • Cutting-edge Research

    The Institute will conduct groundbreaking interdisciplinary research that pushes the boundaries of scientific discovery and technological innovation. The complementary strengths of UIC academic rigor and ANL world-class research facilities will develop transformative solutions to diverse scientific challenges, including those in areas of energy generation and storage, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, materials science and urban development.

  • Educational Enrichment

    The Institute will nurture the next generation of scientific leaders, scholars and innovators. It will provide UIC students and research trainees with hands-on exposure to real-world research challenges and foster a culture of lifelong learning through collaborative initiatives, joint educational programs and experiential learning opportunities.

  • Sustainability and Impact

    The Institute is deeply committed to addressing diverse global challenges through sustainable practices and technologies. The Institute will impact social, economic and environmental needs in both the local and global communities. These include advancing renewable energy solutions, promoting equitable urban development, enhancing human health and promoting environmental sustainability.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Both partner organizations have strong commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Institute will embrace these values in driving innovation and problem-solving, and will foster an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and empower individuals from all backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to research, education and collaboration.